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Future Brain - Albany Book Chat

Author: Dr Jenny Brockis
Review Date: 23 June 2016

Future Brain is all about how you can work to your very best and gain the cognitive advantage to thrive in our modern world. It provides an in-depth step-by-step framework based on the brain science to help you build and maintain a healthy, optimised brain. We already have a magnificent brain but often take it for granted and worse still, sometimes use it in ways it wasn't designed for.

 Future brain will help you:

  • Foster healthy thinking habits
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your thinking and health
  • Build you expertise with renewed focus and stamina
  • Develop your creative side to innovate more 

A brain that can adapt, lead and collaborate will have the degree of mental agility, flexibility and change ability needed to move out of survival mode to thrive and flourish.

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